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Cancer - Zodiac Seven Chakra Balancing Bracelet


Bring into balance all 7 of your Chakras with this unique Cancer Zodiac Chakra balancing bracelet which features black tourmaline beads and seven gemstone beads that are associated with the Cancer Zodiac Sign and are specially chosen for their individual properties and their alignment to the seven Chakras. The use of gemstones associated with your Zodiac sign is believed to enrich your life and enhance the positive qualities of your sign.

Bracelet consists of 6mm semi precious gemstone beads representing each of the 7 Chakras, inlaid between YOUR CHOICE of 6mm Hematite (regular & magnetic) , Lava, Black Tourmaline, Silver Hematite, Matte Onyx, Quartz, and Stainless Steel Beads strung on a stretchy elastic band. It comes beautifully packaged and accompanying information card provides complete description of each of the 7 Chakras.

Chakra Properties

Root (1st) - Red: Drive, courage, strength, sexuality, love.
Sacral (2nd) - Orange: Sexual energy, relaxation, grounding,confidence, vitality, creativity.
Solar Plexus (3rd) - Yellow: Personal power, energy, self-esteem,confidence, abundance
Heart (4th) - Green: Balancer and tonic for the body
Throat (5th) - Blue: improves sight, sharpens the mind, calms and clarifies emotions
Third Eye (6th) - Indigo: Inner Vision stone, shamanic journeying, healer of old wounds
Crown (7th) - Violet: Balances emotions, enhances psychic ability, soothes the mind,

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