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Magnetic Hematite Zodiac Bracelet - Capricorn - BLUE TIGER EYE - Crystal Rock Emporium

Magnetic Hematite Zodiac Bracelet - Capricorn - BLUE TIGER EYE


Wearing a gemstone associated with your Zodiac sign is said to enrich your life and enhance the positive qualities of your sign. This simple yet modern bracelet helps you achieve this with a single 10mm semi-precious Zodiac gemstone bead in the center and a total of twenty two 6mm round magnetic hematite beads. It is finished with a sturdy silver color (nickel free) magnetic clasp.

Each Magnetic Hematite Bead is 600 gauss. The bracelet is approximately 7.5" long, and has 22 Magnets. The clasp is approximately 3000 gauss.

Magnetic energy is one of the most basic powers of nature and the strongest natural force in the universe. The use of magnetic therapy for health, well being, and to enhance natural healing dates back thousands of years.

CAUTION: Magnetic beads should not be worn with a pacemaker. Keep away from small children

Gemstone Properties

BLUE TIGER EYE (HAWK'S EYE) - It is a blue form of Tiger Eye that consists of quartz with parallel veins of silicified altered crocidolite. It can appear as all blue, or blue / greenish highlights in golden Tigers eye. Hardness is 7.

Metaphysically Blue Tiger Eye enhances integrity of communication and practical communication. It can help find courage to recognize thoughts and ideas, and the willpower to carry them into the physical realm. Blue Tiger Eye is a protective stone.

Chakra: Throat (5th) Third Eye (6th) Zodiac Sign: Leo, Capricorn Hardness: 7

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